Kendyl & Andrew braved the cold for their early March engagement session and I think it turned out perfectly. Not only did I love their outfits which play into their wedding colors, but Kendyl's dress was stunning. I'm such a fan of puffy sleeves right now! But I love that they brought two outfits. One a little more dressy and another for casual attire which gave the two completely different looks.

A little bit about K&A, they've been together a little bit more than 3 years and are each others best friends. I mean, come one, that's so sweet! They have a mutual love for hockey and our original session was supposed to be up at a frozen lake, but things didn't work out for that plan (New England winters are so iffy!). They are both teachers and have hearts of gold. And I really mean it! It felt like I was hanging out with two friends the whole session. They are just welcoming and kind people who truly love each other.

I can not wait for their wedding next year on July 8th at the Mirabeau Inn & Spa (GORGEOUS venue) in Plymouth.

Meet the ginger behind the lens

Hi, I'm Caitlin!

My love for photography comes from the countless photo albums my parents filled of my childhood. I always loved looking back on those photos and loved playing with the disposable cameras as I grew up. I practice photography all through middle school and high school, dabbled in food photography in college, before finding my love for couples photography towards the end of my degree. It was a scary leap to pursue a different career than the one I studied for but I knew this was what I needed to at least try...

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