Every wedding is so special to me and I remember every couple I work with. I even shed a few tears during vows or speeches or daddy daughter dances (those always get me). But this is a day that I will hold close to me. Tiffany and Brock tied the knot on May 29th, 2022 at St. Francis Xavier Church in East Providence, Rhode Island and the stars aligned for them on this day.

Tiffany wrote to me in early May saying that they had to move their October wedding ceremony up due to a family members' illness. That is not my story to tell but it reminded me greatly of my own family. I lost my mother in law, who was a shining light on this Earth, to liver cancer last year and the stories Tiffany shared about her family member reminded me so much of my mother in law. Even though I wasn't going to take on more work in May I opened the 29th for them to make sure they had their day captured and photos with Tiffany's family member.

It was a happy and emotional day; emphasis on the happy. Tiffany was adorned with jewelry and memento's from family members and Brock had a little photo of his mom pinned inside his jacket. Tiffany chose platform heels for her shoes which she rocked flawlessly all day long, even doing a little half jog after their formal photos were finished.

They had a beautiful hour long ceremony at St. Francis Xavier Church. I loved all the passages they and their pastor chose for the ceremony. The pastor spoke about family, love, and commitment and from what I've learned about Tiffany and Brock all of those words describe them perfectly. They've been together for seven years and are high school sweethearts. I could tell that family was important to them not only by the sheer size of their family formal list but by how much each and every person cared about them and vice versa.

Brock and Tiffany looked amazing and were amazing to work with. I can't wait to work with them again in October this year for their full wedding day celebration! Cheers to the new Mr. and Mrs. Handy! Congrats you two!

Vendor Team:

Photographer: @caitlinkershawphoto

Makeup artists: @klegart @makeupbysamaraa

Hair Stylists: @hairexpertsbristol @hairby_bellagoncalo

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