Welcome to Caitlin Kershaw Photography! If you haven't had the chance to go through my website or talk to me about my business I'm going to take a second to explain!

I started professional photography in 2019 but I have been interested in photography since I was a kid with a disposable camera taking photos of the flowers in my mom's garden. I got my first point and shoot camera in high school so me and my best friend would go over to a local park and take photos of each other. I would run home and edit the photos using my iPhone and would post them everywhere, so proud of myself. Then when I was graduating college I wasn't sure how I was going to make money and I wasn't interested in sitting behind a desk all day so I decided to try photography. Since the first session, I've been hooked.

I am a couples and wedding photographer who specializes in Fine Art photography with a bright and vibrant photojournalistic style. I capture moments as I see them so on your wedding day you can relive your day as it happened!

Starting/Running a business has been one of the hardest and most emotional things I've ever done, but it has been so rewarding being able to work with so many amazing couples. My favorite thing in the world is when a couple gets their wedding day sneak peaks and let's me know immediately how much they love them. And when they get their gallery they tell me how they cried and really got to relive parts of their day that they didn't really notice/remember.

Meet the Team

Nugget (aka "Nuggs")

My first baby girly. Nugget is that cat that make "cat haters" love cats. She only wants to snuggle and be loved and will give you all the love in return. She's also the chunkiest because of her love for treats.

She loves to wake me and my husband up in the middle of the night by pawing at the wall or eating grocery bags, so she has her flaws (but who doesn't!).

Biscuit (aka "baby boy")

Baby boy is the King of the castle. He's a huge momma's boy and will follow me around all morning until I give him the attention he wants. He is also a sleepy baby, he sleeps the most and has all his favorite spots that the other two aren't allowed to sleep in.

He has the chunkiest chipmunk cheeks which makes everyone love him, but he can be a little feisty if you pet him wrong.

Cricket (aka "Buggy")

My littlest babe. Cricket is the sweetest in her own special way. She loves to play and look out the window. She likes to cuddle on her terms but is a total daddy's girl and will meow for my husband when he comes home.

Her meow sounds more like loud little bird chirps so it's easy to find her when she squeezes herself behind the TV stand or somehow gets into the ceiling.

Hey, It's me!!

I'm Cait! The face of Caitlin Kershaw Photography!

I would like to describe myself as a bright and vibrant human (which is why I think my work reflects that style). Honestly, I'm here for a good time, let's get ice cream or pizza and just hang.

I love my family and I am a proud cat mom and wife to my handsome husband who has been my best friend and rock since we got together. I LOVE to run, it keeps me sane and makes me so happy.

Growing up I had to professions I really wanted to pursue. First, I was planning on becoming a marine biologist when I was a kid and then realized I'm afraid of the ocean so it was probably not the best fit even though I am still enthralled by ocean life. Second, I wanted to be a singer/songwriter and perform for thousands of people. I still think that would be wild in the best way but its a direction life hasn't taken me (yet, haha).

In high school my love for health and fitness grew to the point of me wanting to pursue personal training and nutrition. I started my college degree at Framingham State University but they cut the program so I switched to a Health Science major at Bridgewater State University. By the time my senior year rolled around I wasn't sure what direction I wanted to go with health, even though I still loved it, but I wasn't passionate about it. So in 2019 I started pursuing photography.

2019 through 2020 I took all the time (thanks COVID) to invest in my business and myself. I shot so many free photoshoots, attended workshops and editorials to learn from those more experienced, and I invested in equipment and other education materials. As much as I didn't like having to slow down due to the pandemic, I took that time to invest in myself for my clients so I would be the best photographer I could be.

I can't wait to photograph your wedding and get to jam out to Cupid's Shuffle with ya!

XO Cait