Rain date: November 21, 2021

check back as it gets closer for any updates.


NOTICE: See below for updated time changes due to Daylight Savings

Each session starts on time! Please arrive at least five minutes early for your time slot. Also make sure you allow time to walk from your car to the location. Each session is 15 minutes long with a five minute buffer just in case things run over slightly.

Below is the list of times and who has booked each time slot:

2:00 pm - Chris & Mark

2:20 pm - Kristina & Ryan (+Pups)

2:40 pm - Casey & Sabin

3:00 pm - Ashlee & Marcel

3:20 pm - Powers Family

3:40 pm - Kylie & Alex (+Pups)

*quick tip: If you are bringing a dog please get there extra early. Walk your dog beforehand and let them sniff around the area we are shooting. Again, these sessions are quick and when your pup has gotten their energy and sniffs out it is easier for them to listen and participate without being curious with their surroundings.


Location: Colt State Park, Bristol RI

The large yellow X is where the sessions are being held. As you drive into the park you will see pine trees just before the roundabout.

Parking can be found at the roundabout, before the turn into the park (it is a dirt lot), and there should be parking at the skatepark.

On the day of the session, if you have any questions please feel free to text me: 774-319-1225

Before then, please email me any questions about the sessions. There is an email box at the bottom of this page to contact me!

Outfit Inspiration & Tips

Please check out my Pinterest board for Holiday Sessions below.

General Outfit Tips:

Dress warmly - It will be chilly so make sure you dress appropriately

Avoid matchy matchy - the last thing you want to do is blend in with each other. If you'd like to incorporate flannel have one person wear the flannel outfit and work solid colors around the bolder outfit choice.

Coordinate Colors - You also don't want to be one big green blob of color. Break up the tones throughout your group. Incorporate more subtle tones (earth tones and creams) around one or two pieces of bold colors (ie. reds and other reflective colors). If you choose red, make it a deep red as it can be very reflective on the skin casting a red glow.

Questions?? Ask below!