Always keep learning

That is my little motto that I've held onto since day one. My education in photography has been a rocky journey; from starting out learning on Youtube, to buying $500+ courses to learn basic principles to build me up to their next course (like... no, give me everything now), to practical hands on education, and to an amazing mentorship with Rebecca Yale. Despite the less than great courses I have taken I still hold true that education is priceless and there is always room to grow.

Hi I'm Cait!

It's funny that I actually went to college with the thought of being a teacher but swore education wasn't for me. But through mentoring my second shooters I have really found a passion for it!

I've been practicing photography my whole life (you can read all about it on my ABOUT page) but I started my little business in 2019. It took 2 years to solidify my style and go against what everyone else was doing at the time. My styled of editing was kind of looked down on, not seen as artistic, etc. But the more I fought against my true style of shooting and editing, the more lost I felt within myself and business.

If anything, I hope to make what you do easier. Streamline your business straight to exactly where you see yourself going. And like I said, I learned everything on my own until I recently got a mentorship with Rebecca Yale. With so much conflicting education it's so hard to figure out what to follow. A lot of photographers I work with are stuck in that cycle of thinking they found education that will further their business only to be upsold on a new program. I will always be honest and tell you exactly what you need to hear.



-Photography Tips (Let’s go over the basics of lighting, composition, angles, and more!)

-Website and/or Portfolio Critiques

- Client Experience

-Steps to Starting Your Business

-Posing & Directing Advice and Ideas

-Essential Programs for an Effective Business


-Backing Up Photos

-Post-processing (From culling to delivery)

- Automations & Workflow

-Creating a Life/Work Balance

And anything else you want to know! I'm an open book!

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Tierra Dilibero Photo

I just got off a one time call with Caitlin for a mentor session and I feel as though I learned more in that phone call than in the past 3 years for marketing myself to book my ideal clientele. I’m so please with the information that way given and how she came across all her guidance, critiques and advice but in a manor that seemed like it was truly coming from a friend with the best intentions! I’m looking forward to booking more sessions with her!

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Pricing & Packages

Mentor Call

Mentor Call

90 minute Video Call

Perfect to go over one to three topics or a portfolio critique.


Mentor Session

Mentor Session

A styled couples shoot
90 minute coffee chat

A guided couples session followed by a mentor chat to answer any questions or to go over the session.


Mentorship Program

Mentorship Program

12 video calls (90 minute calls)
Call notes

An individualized year long program. You pick the topics you want to focus on with structure gallery, portfolio, and website critiques.


Mentorship Program - DELUXE

Mentorship Program - DELUXE

12 video calls (90 minute calls)
A styled souples session
Call notes
Branding session

The benefits of the original mentorship plus a guided couples session and branding session.


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